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Is your counselor too busy helping others? Do you want more scholarships? Yamei’s experienced college advisers are here to help, and will walk you though the college application process.

Yamei College Preparation is a long-term academic planning, plus hands on instructional guidance to students and parents. It teaches students different sets of skills and experiences in life; identifies strengths and abilities; guides students to clear academic paths and ultimately prepares them for future success.

Program includes:

  • personal statement development
  • interview strategy
  • financial aid & scholarship
  • student-athlete guidance
  • art portfolio guidance
  • campus tour (additional cost will apply)
  • and many more customizable options

Offer letters

Please book our initial assessment service below.

亚美个人背景问卷首次测试+分析,帮助规划师了解学生对学业、家庭、自我、社会的认知. 同时让家长清晰知道孩子目前面临的困惑是什么,阻碍学习动力的原因是社么,以及如何促进家长与孩子之间的沟通和理解。亚美资深中英文双语规划师将亲自为你分析解答,让你在最快的时间内找到问题所在,制定完整的学业计划及申请方案。

Yamei Intake Assessment Questionnaire & Evaluation:the Initial session with 45 min evaluation/feedback, helps counselors to understand the student. We will also make appropriate plans based on the situation of students.

Evaluation session includes:

  • Assessment questionnaire
  • 45 min online cousultation/evaluation
  • Transcript & academic evaluation
  • Personal education path suggestion
  • College & major suggestion


  • 测评问卷
  • 45分钟在线咨询分析
  • 成绩单及学业分析
  • 个人学业方案建议
  • 大学院校专业推荐
Book Now
Virtual $99 USD
  • 亚美个人背景问卷 + 45分钟 评估分析(线上)
  • Questionnaire + 45 min online session
  • New student only
In person (China) $899 USD
  • 亚美个人背景问卷 + 120分钟 评估分析(线下)
  • 仅限中国大陆,台湾,香港,及泰国地区学生:开放预约为每年3-8月
  • Questionnaire + 120 min in person session to students in China/Asia countries