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Why Yamei?

Yamei Academy of Excellence formerly known as Yamei Education & Counseling Center was established in 2011 in Los Angeles, USA. It became a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization in 2018. Yamei Academy is Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​certified member, tax ID TAX ID # 82-4273263.

Yamei provides college planning services to students in the USA and schools that need a qulity college preparation program. Yamei serves new immigrants, special students, gifted students, language learners, sports specialty students, and at risk students with bilingual services in the student’s home language and English. Yamei supports international & domestic families in college planning to better plan their academic pathways.

Yamei Academy’s mission is to discover students’ innate strengths, motivates students in learning, and helps to build confidence for students in achieving future success. Transforming learners into leaders.


Lin Annie Xiang

Lin Annie Xiang

Yamei Academy Senior College Counselor
Yamei Academy of Excellence Founder
Licensed Bilingual School Counselor
Independent College Advisor
Education Background
New York University (NYU) MA-Applied Psychology
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) BA-Asian American Studies
Beijing Normal University, exchange study-Chinese Literature
Member of WACAC/IECA



Schools Working With Student Cases College Offers/Acceptance(top50)100%
South Hills Academy 2019: 44 students  pending
Rancho Cucamonga HS + Irvine HS 2019: 5 students pending
Yamei Academy of Excellence HQ 2019: 15 students  pending
Cal Lutheran HS 2019: 2 students pending
Wilson A HS 2+1 program 

Hacienda Hts, CA 贝拉教育2+1

2016-2019: 6  students  USC, UCSD, UCB, Syracuse, UIUC, UCI, UCSB, CSU, University of Rochester, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, NYU, With total $67,000 scholarship 
Great Oak HS 2016-2019:  2 students Laguna Art & Design & UCs
Rancho Christian School

Temecula, CA

2016-2018: 10 students

(2 artistic students)

Penn State, UIUC, Parsons, SAIC CSU, UC, Purdue, 

With total $20,000 scholarship

Linfield Christian School

Temecula, CA

2016-2018: 10 students 

(1 golf student athlete)

Boston College, Northeastern, NYU, UCSC, UCD, UCLA, UCSD, USC, UCB, UCSB, UCI, Penn State, CSU. With total $43,000 scholarship
Southlands Christian School

Rowland Hts, CA

2015-2018: 6 students UCD, Cal Poly Pomona, UCSD, USC, UCR, UCI, UCSB, CSULA
Bishop Amat HS
West Covina, CA
2017-2019: 2 students

(1 golf student athlete)

Wuhan China
2013-2015: 15 students UC, University of New Mexico, Babson College, George Washington University, Temple University, Suffolk University, Otterbein University, La Salle University, Umass, CSU.
Diamond Bar/Walnut/Arcadia/

San Graiel area HS

2013-2015: 15+ local students UCs, & CSU